Tax and Estate Planning

Tax Optimization and Planning

Given the extent and complexity of tax obligations in most jurisdictions today, it is becoming increasingly important for individuals and families to take a more proactive approach to manage, protecting and growing their wealth and assets. Fortunately, there are many options available to individuals to do this, from exploring different investment structures and diversifying their assets to simply relocating assets to other jurisdictions.

Tax reporting and compliance

Managing tax reporting obligations is a complex and daunting task for many high-net-worth individuals and families, mainly if several jurisdictions are involved. As tax laws and regulations are continually changing, it can be challenging to stay informed of all tax and reporting obligations required and how these are applied on a practical level. This also applies to financial institutions required to provide tax reporting information for their clients with tax obligations in other jurisdictions.

Family Business & Corporate Structuring

Many of our clients are family business owners and stakeholders in corporate entities, which require particular attention when considering wealth management planning, alongside our clients’ other personal assets. Family businesses are unique in that their management has to consider legal requirements, considerations of the relevant business markets at the time, and considerations of a more personal nature due to the families and generations involved in the business.