From the beginning, the focus differed
on building a strategic, quality professional practice.

Our practice is a well-respected practitioner and published authority on international tax.   

James Belesiotis holds a professional tax accreditation internationally and participates in the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB), which sets audit, accounting, and tax standards for listed companies. James has been an accredited tax specialist in public practice for more than 22 years.    In addition to tax, his approach renders audits for listed and non-listed entities, special assurance reporting, accounting consultancy, and practice management services, including IT and Non-IT Forensics.

Our practice's primary focus is providing high net worth and corporate clients with multi-jurisdictional, multi-dimensional tax planning, tax implementation, and tax management. James takes a holistic approach to tax to ensure a durable tax plan in a world of constantly changing tax legislation and jurisprudence. 

We focus on providing asset protection for high net worth families utilizing family trusts and other international particular purpose vehicles. 

Our clients span the world stemming from Canada, the US, Europe, India, and Southeast Asia